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Extras ordered and listed. This order will ship Early to Mid July


Inspired by wildflowers in nature, this fabric is a Mini-Boho Exclusive, with notes of coral, mint, fuchsia and gold. With custom embroidered fabric and layers of ombre chiffon this dress is magical! Can be worn as halter or criss crossed and tied at back. Back is full elastic for comfortable fit. Sizing is flexiblea due to the tie straps for adjustment. NOTE- These dresses are a little heavier to ship weighing over a pound each-


MODELS are 49" and 56# wearing a 6 and 59" and 62# wearing a 10


Measurements for length front, back and chest width

12m-18.5 /21/ 10

18m-19.3 /24/ 11

2t-20.1 /26/ 11.4

4t-21.7 /32.5/ 12.2

6y-24.4 /35.2/ 13

8y-27 /38/ 13.4

10y-30.5 /42/ 13.8


Wildflower Wishes Emery

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